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Day two of our news round up from the Refucomm Team and it is a shocker!! We are under the scrutiny of the Greek Police ! Read about it in our article here

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From the field:


Day two of the demonstration in Sappho Square, Lesvos and Arash Hampay updates us:

“Refugees did not return to the camp. All those who condemned UN and the government for violating their human rights laws yesterday have stayed in the city center.”
“Refugees have fair demands. They demand the application of Articles 26 and 31 of 1951 Convention, that was written by the UN and the World Governments themselves!”
“The police are always present to prosecute the people. It is as if the injustice committed by UN and the States of this world are not widespread and severe enough, where refugees are met with threats and batons whenever they demand their basic rights to be adhered to. The police call themselves defenders of safety and stability. They define themselves as protectors of harmony. However, they are merely spreading and causing horror, fear and persecution.”
No to Moria Camp
“What is the task of the Police? Is it to whip people or is it to create a sense of safety? Is it to oppose violations made against the law and to fight lawlessness? If so, they first have to look inwards and interrogate the UN and the State. It is these institutions that are violating the law; they are the ones dehumanizing the people.”
“Refugees want the law to be adhered to, and they must not be prosecuted for seeking this.”
“We want the UN and The Greek Government to study the 1951 Refugee Convention once more, for they themselves were involved in writing and ratifying it. We want them to study this in order to remember what they committed themselves to; so that they may reconsider their motives in permitting police to chase down and detain refugees.”
“The refugees currently occupying Sappho Square in Mytilini are waiting for aid and solidarity from the people, they are waiting for the media to pay attention.”

We see you guys, we see you!

Sleeping in Sappho Square

From across the web:

Germany report that Germany stop sending refugees to Hungary over human rights record.

No refugees have been sent to Hungary from Germany since April 11th, despite an EU agreement which stipulates that refugees should apply for asylum in the first EU member that they entered.

The agreement, officially called the Dublin ruling, means in effect that Germany should not process any asylum applications by refugees who have reached the country via other EU member states.

the government in Berlin confirmed that the legal uncertainty faced by asylum seekers in Hungary was currently preventing it from sending refugees back to the central European state,

Read the full story here


A group of migrants on Monday protested against their living conditions at the Derveni camp, near Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, according to reports.

A group of about 20 people left the facility and staged a rally on the side of Egnatia highway, returning later to the camp. Ekathimerini report here


Pope Francis to visit Myanmar as Muslim refugees flee renewed violence according to The Telegraph today. An estimated 3,000 refugees entered Bangladesh over the weekend bringing the numbers who have fled to Bangladesh to over 87,000. Full report here


Euobserver reports today that Macron wants asylum claims to start in Africa in safe zones set up in Niger and Chad. A similar plan announced by Macron in July for Libya was quickly dismissed. See full article here


A summit was held in Paris with leaders from Europe and Africa on how to stem an influx of refugees reports Al Jazeera. The focus of the meeting was on the central Mediterranean route. Libya has sought to restrict the work of NGOs operating rescue boats in the Mediterranean that pick up migrants stranded on inflatable dinghies or other unseaworthy crafts.

Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou will tell his European counterparts that the number of migrants passing through the transit town of Agadez in his country has fall by 80 percent thanks to government efforts.

Full story here

…and in other news…

Shower to the people ! At La Jungle, Calais

Thanks to Sylvain de Saturne for the pic

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