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From the field:


Day 3 of the Afghan protesters occupying Sappho Square, Lesvos where a group of around fifty refugees spent another night waiting for an official response to their requests for decisions on their asylum cases.

Arash Hampay reporting for DailyComm from the Lesvos tells us that their community leader has put the protester’s demands to the police:

“The police have promised the protesters that they will fulfill their demands by Friday. The protesters have agreed to end the protest and go back to Moria. I hope the police will be true to their promises! Once more the people were victorious!”

No Borders Kitchen released a press statement here:


On another Island people are getting ready to receive Eid presents organised by Ruhi Akhtar and friends.

“We invite you to commemorate International Day of the Disappeared on Wednesday 30th August 2017 at 5.30pm.

This yearly event gives us a chance to recognise the numbers of people still missing through conflict, disaster and migration — and show solidarity with their loved ones.

Join us on the Greek Island of Chios, where we will be joined by people from all over the world and all different faiths, belief systems and backgrounds. No matter who you are…whether you are a volunteer, holiday maker, resident of the island or a currently displaced person everyone is invited to show solidarity with all the lost souls and their loved ones including those we have lost in the refugee crisis.”

As you can see in the picture 35 boxes of aid were delivered to People’s Kitchen.

Ruhi, the organiser said “ Big shout out to the team who weren’t fazed when they found out we’d have to wake at 4am and worked like soldiers throughout.”

The RefuComm team wishes we could be there and hopes everyone has a great time!

From across the web:


International Day of the Disappeared and The Guardian feature a story of “Tortured and abused” a compelling story on the hidden horror of “disappeared women” in Syrian prisons.

An exhibition on 8 September in Manchester highlights the hardships faced by the Syrian women silenced in jail.

The story here is that of Rima Mulla Othman who was arrested and incarcerated in one of Syria’s prisons after travelling to Damascus to seek treatment for her sick baby. Full story here.


An investigation has been launched into air raids targeting a Taliban base that resulted in the deaths of at least 13 civilians, including women and children, in the western province of Herat, according to Afghan officials reported in Aljazeera news.

Media reports suggest it was the US forces who conducted the raids.


A prominent Yemeni activist has been detained without access to a lawyer for 15 days.

Hisham al-Omeisy was pulled from the street by 15 armed guards in the nation’s capital of Sana’a on 14th August and has not been heard from since, according to Amnesty International.

Full report from The Independent here


Terror is killing far fewer people in the UK now than it was in the 1980s

Despite the recent string of attacks, relatively few people have been killed by terrorist attacks in the UK in recent years, according to Ashley Kirk in his report for The Independent. See his report to see how we compare with the rest of Europe.


Two years on, the Guardian asks, has Angela Merkel’s welcome culture worked in Germany?

When Ruaa Abu Rashed arrived in Germany after weeks of treacherous travel, including a near fatal boat journey across the Mediterranean, the cold was her first big shock. Here we read in the Guardian of this Syrian family’s story of adjusting to a new life and the attitudes they encountered in their host country.

…..and in other news…..

RefuComm’s Director Sharon Silvey on Athens 984 tomorrow around noon.

Following the publication of this story about RefuComm’s activities being watched by the Greek police, in Politico Chios yesterday , Athens radio 984 has interviewed the boss lady and about the amazing SD card project and for her views on the article. More news about the exact time on our FB page tomorrow so watch out for it and please have a listen!

UK Government’s attempt to deport Afghan asylum seeker fails after pilot refuses to take off

“We don’t know the name of the pilot but there are so many people who would like to thank him.”

Read Samim’s story here

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