Refueler on Crypto Clothesline

Written By Crypto Clothesline Podcast

One thing in life we accept however disgruntled is the price is fuel while we kick ourselves for missing that “low” day for filling up and continue to pay the premium regardless.

This week we jump back in our time machine to the Block Conscious summit where we held live interviews with Luigi and Jitender from Refueler. Refueler is an app putting fuel on the blockchain. Thanks to these guys we are about to have an app that lets us see the prices of fuel in real-time before being able to pre-purchase it online at the service station. Something us girls absolutely LOVE about this app is that we can buy our fuel on the app while it is super low and fill up with that ‘locked in’ price at at any time over the next week.

These boys have added a reward system with your points known as ‘Fumes’ and fuel sharing capabilities where you can share your ‘droplets’ and it doesn’t stop there. All those independent service stations who struggle to compete with the big conglomerates can now enter the digital marketplace and reach the more consumers then ever before.

BlockConscious was an amazing event and meeting these boys had us very excited to see the end of service station holding us hostage to their prices.

Many thanks to Luigi and Jitender we can’t wait to use your app!