Refuge Playground: A project to give refugee kids and their new friends the space to play

Richard Garcia
Dec 21, 2015 · 8 min read

Imagine a world with more playgrounds and less battlegrounds. We can live in that world. We once did as children. But today, the battlegrounds continue to spread as the playgrounds continue to disappear. So if we want to live in a more playful world, where all our children are free to explore and express their inner artist and scientist, we must create it before anymore playgrounds disappear and the battlegrounds continue to spread. We as a global community must take a stand to protect the basic human right of all children to play, because the threat to one child’s right to play is a threat to children everywhere.

The first refugee playground will be built in Germany. Will you help us create a more playful world?

Yemeni children stand amid the rubble of a building damaged in a Saudi airstrike on the capital Sana’a on July 13, 2015. (AFP)
A Syrian refugee boy wrapped in thermal blanket after a dinghy carrying Syrian and Afghan refugees deflated near the shore of a Greek Island.
A boy sits on a toy car and plays with stuffed animals as he waits with other refugees for registration at the temporary registration center of the south German border town Passau, Germany. Markus Schreiber / AP
Greek goddess Niobe weeping in Gaza, Banksy (2015)
Banksy, Crayon Shooter (2011)
Children play on the bomb sites and wrecked tanks in Berlin, in the aftermath of the fighting in the city, 1945
United Nations Ambassador Lady Allen of Hurtwood, “Why Not Use Our Bomb Sites Like This?” Picture Post, November 16, 1946
Notting Hill Adventure Playground, c.1960
ICY and SOT, Iran (2012)

Please join Refuge Playground, an alliance of play experts and social activists from around the world, in making a lasting positive impact in the lives of refugee children by giving them a play refuge where they will have the play space they need to heal.

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Thanks to Kai Brouwer.

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