Celebrate Family Day with immigrants in Toronto

By FCJ Refugee Centre

©FCJ Refugee Center/2018

Toronto, Canada, February, 2018 — Family Day falls on the third Monday in February. This day has been set aside in February to celebrate and spend time with family and loved ones.

“When I go to eat a slice of Pizza it brings to mind my son because it is too expensive for him to get a slice of pizza in my country” said Liduvian, a mother of two children who works as a volunteer at the FCJ Refugee Centre. “Immigrant mothers who leave their children alone are worriers. They come to Canada with a lot of challenges and problems and they need immediate support as they are overwhelmed with frustration.”

©FCJ Refugee Center/2018

Liduvian is a mother of two children who lost her husband 6 years ago and continued to take care of her children alone. She came to Canada in August 2017 with her 12 year old daughter Amarachi.

“We used to celebrate family day in my country by getting together, preparing typical food. We also listened to music and danced and enjoyed our time together,” said Liduvina.

The fundamental unit of any society is the family, biological or not. In our office we feel like a family and interact like a family. We care for each other as members of one family, and our family keeps growing. That is why FCJ gives high priority to family integration, as all families should be united.

“However, despite not being with our loved ones there in Mexico, here we find a new family at the FCJ Refugee Centre. We will remember our loved ones because the distance and the situation that we are going through does not allow us to celebrate family day with them. We hope that soon we can be permitted to stay in this wonderful country to contribute like a grain of sand, working, learning and helping other people who come like us to this country.”

©FCJ Refugee Center/2018

Our greatest hope is that all persons who come to the FCJ Refugee Centre are provided the support that they need to integrate themselves into life in Canada and build a new home for themselves and their family. FCJ knows that this cannot be easy and that many uprooted people face many challenges before they are successful. As refugees or immigrants themselves, FCJ staff know and understand these challenges, and strives to show compassion towards any and all people who come to us. Beyond our services, we also try to provide a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen with, a hand to help with, and a person that will stand beside the other.