In Partnership with St Stephen‘s Community House, FCJ supports students from coop placement program

FCJ Refugee Centre
Nov 16, 2017 · 2 min read
Jo-Anne, who just joint FCJ as receptionist talks over the phone. ©FCJ Refugee Centre/2017

By FCJ Refugee Center

“I find my job at the FCJ Refugee Centre interesting as I interact with newcomers from different countries almost every day,” said Jo-Anne who just joined FCJ for a 6 week coop placement as a receptionist.

FCJ Refugee Centre in partnership with St. Stephen’s Community House supports young people and newcomers and other community members by assisting them in how to prepare for and get a job. We provide co-op placement opportunities at multiple levels at the FCJ Refugee Centre.

In addition to gaining experience as a receptionist and earning professional skills, Jo-Anne also found a culture of caring and support at the FCJ Refugee Centre. “I found everyone is so caring in this office,” said Jo-Anne, “people come and volunteer their time even though they don’t have to do that”.

Jo-Anne, receives winter cloths that people donate for the new comers in FCJ Refugee Center. ©FCJ Refugee Centre/2017

As winter is coming, people have been donating winter clothing for vulnerable newcomers and uprooted people. Similarly to many others who make donations, Jo-Anne also tries to take part by also providing support when she is faced with someone in great need among the people who are referred to FCJ. “Once a lady came to FCJ straight from the airport and I gave her my own coat as she did not have one for the cold weather,” Jo-Anne explained.

To read more about FCJ Refugee Centre works please visit out website:

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