Join Us-Work placement program with FCJ Refugee Centre

By Tsering Lhamo

The 8 months of my placement at FCJ has given new meaning to my existence. I came across different clients of all races and culture. As much as the experience has given me the joy of helping people with their immigration process, it has also shown me different sides of our clients’ problems. Doing my placement at this organization is the best thing I have ever done. The organization welcomes everyone and walks them through their immigration process, which is a much needed service in our community.

I couldn’t be happier and grateful enough for this community for accepting me as a part of it. This is the only place where I have experienced a real sense of family away from my own. The work that this community does is beyond appreciation. And the list of their services is endless! Every hour spent at this centre helping people is worthwhile. I am looking forward to continue to giving my time to this community, and adding it to its success. Thank you FCJ Refugee Centre!

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