Walking with uprooted people

Volunteering at FCJ Refugee Centre has been an illuminating experience that has broadened my understanding of my responsibilities as a citizen of a global community. According to the UNHCR there are over 65.3 million uprooted people around the world. Volunteering at FCJ Refugee Centre I have had the opportunities to help people from several different countries and continents around the world navigate Canada’s confusing and unintuitive legal system. As a result, I have come to see firsthand how international crises affect my local community and how my local community has the opportunity to alleviate those crises.

FCJ Refugee Centre is a supportive and familial community for volunteers to develop their own abilities in their respective disciplines. As a law student, I learned how to communicate effectively with clients, balance multiple cases at the same time, be an assertive oral advocate for those in need, and complete extensive research and written advocacy. I also have had the opportunity to learn office skills before I enter the workforce, which will be tremendously helpful in the future. The community of volunteers and displaced persons is one that fosters friendship, solidarity, respect and inclusion.

I have no hesitation in recommending others to volunteer at such a wonderful place.

To read more about FCJ Refugee Centre works please visit out website: www.fcjrefugeecentre.org