Thanks to Stem Cells, Runners Continue Their Marathons

Any serious runner, whether professional or recreational, understands that conditions like arthritis, tendinosis, and ACL tearing can bring marathon aspirations to a screeching, crashing halt. For men and women that genuinely love running and spend time each day training and preparing for the ultimate goal of completing a marathon, suffering from a musculoskeletal problem is completely devastating. Fortunately, regenerative medicine has discovered and developed advanced and innovative treatments that provide alternatives to risky, ineffective surgeries. Stem cell treatments in particular are now available to reverse musculoskeletal conditions and put runners back on the road quickly.

The Power of Stem Cell Injections

Stem cells are cells in the human body that are “unassigned” and haven’t developed for a specific purpose. This means they can be harvested and utilized to generate into the cells specifically needed to heal a running injury or joint condition such as arthritis. In the case of arthritis, cartilage, which is the tissue that lines the joints to provide cushion, degenerates and causes extreme pain and limited functionality. In this way, arthritis can be devastating for runners who must place pressure on their knees step after step after step. It’s also very common for runners to suffer from meniscus tears, hamstring tendinopathy, and other injuries.

Before stem cells became a potential treatment for such injuries and conditions, the only treatments focused on pain reduction and joint replacement, rather than actually healing the damaged tissue. Unlike existing treatments, when stem cells are injected into the site of the injury, they generate deep healing by repairing tissue the body can’t repair on its own. This makes it possible for runners to avoid joint replacement surgery and other risky procedures that often cause more harm than good.

A Real Life Success Story
JC, a 64 year old runner, is living proof of the success of stem cell knee treatments. JC had always struggled with mild intermittent knee pain, and eventually the pain became too intense to ignore. He underwent arthroscopic knee surgery in 2007 and returned to running, but only a few years later the same knee failed again due to the large piece of the meniscus spacer that had been removed during his surgery. His doctors warned that he was suffering from severe cartilage loss, a loose MCL ligament, a high grade meniscus tear, and much more. According to those doctors, the only solution was a knee replacement surgery that would make it unlikely for JC to ever run regularly again.

Rather than accepting this diagnosis, JC chose to receive stem cell treatment on his knee. Only nine weeks after his last injection, JC wrote: “I have since gradually increased the distance, and now have no trouble jogging for 46 minutes without stopping.” By simply embracing the proven science of stem cells, JC was able to avoid painful surgery and regain use of his knee once again!