Simplicity, Gratitude And NOW!!!…

Recently, I’ve had lost myself. I forgot the simple principles and values that I had set in my life. I remembered seeing examples of people I don’t want to be yet I sort of became one of them. Unkind, judgemental and non-compromising. Seeing things black and white to almost an absolute degree. Failure to realise simple things at the present moment and the people still around me was like the biggest crime I had committed against myself and also others.

Moreover, letting bad things happening to be magnified where I really forgot how others had it much worse than I do didn’t help. Every stumbling block was like the whole world against me. How sinfully silly was that?

I had calmed down more lately and pit things in a better perspective. Last week I had attempted to drive out my car from a narrow space, wounding up lacerating my car and cause a far worse damage to the car next to mine. I panicked. I left the scene but I know whose car it was and I came back after to inform her and admitted my wrong doing. At the same time, I felt hurt cause my car was new. I am worried and again thinking the worse. The next day, all settled and the one whose car I lacerated is a nice person and the compensation for damages was not at all a lot. For a minute there, I realised how blessed I am. My car did not have a lot of damage as well though its imperfect than before. So, I counted myself lucky…really lucky.

I started to notice things around me lately and make do with what I could with what I have. Start doing, stop thinking. Stand up tp reality, no longer retreating to the past nor the future.

Its now or never. I am grateful I am alive today and now. Life need not be complex. We tend to create that complexities ourselves. Just be simple and be grateful…life is short. Don’t waste it with nonsensical and hypothetical thoughts. Be here and be alive…just live…

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