All things bright and beautiful is one of the early morning prayers of school days. Deepen it to recover the positivity of life. Being optimistic is one way to be happy and gay that is why this line is still alive in some part of my mind. There is a difference between optimism and negligence. When you are positive towards a certain thing, you have all your hopes and will to accomplish the task whereas negligence would reflect the careless attitude or way more positivity than needed.

In congruence to this a negligent perspective is evermore detrimental be it regarding any context. One of the life experience is your wedding. From a general view optimism of an elated continuation is on the highest level of expectations. But optimism and negligence cannot go hand in hand else the effect of either is nullified. If you are being positive towards your new life and same way you are neglecting its security, you are being ecstatic and careless simultaneously. “Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Negligence is much easier to prove, it is the failure to exercise reasonable care.”

Well, securing your wedding constitutes the trust, affection, responsibilities in a relationship. Optimism for its security would be affirmation of bond, ensuring the sanctity, no room for disputes or break aparts. One shows enthusiasm for his/her marriage but does not pay heed to its certification. This way you neglect the only proof of your sacrament by being too elated and engrossed in the patterns that define informal tie-in.

Keeping the former in consideration you are accustomed to take your spouse’s name in all your binding decisions. If you hold your partner’s hand then you want to take it with you wherever you go, if you want to give your spouse’s name on your belongings, if you want to secure your sacrament you have to have your marriage certificate.

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