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Regular Presale
3 min readSep 28, 2022


REGU believes in providing the best protection for our investors

Regular Presale have now implemented a new insurance policy to ensure the projects that launch on our launchpad agree to a number of rules to ensure the best possible performance of their investment.

The below rules outline what the projects must agree to before we commit and sign an agreement with them.

IMPORTANT — these contract terms try to mitigate as best as possible any rug or under performance during a tokens TGE and initial stages. It is NOT a fool-proof safety net as there are simply situations where a contract will not manage risk (eg. if the project team simply disappear, however as part of our due diligence, we require the project team to be doxxed internally or via an intermediary in this case).

As the Regular Presale team, we have always cared about our investors. It definitely puts them at ease that they are safe and know that they are getting support from us when investing. Our greatest strength is that they make their investments comfortable and trust us. We are always open to discuss our terms.

Note — certain amendments and adjustments of some of our terms below can be made if the project is a Tier 1 partner as each project are never exactly the same. But it’s definitely best in the interest for both parties to meet as many conditions as possible.


1-The project will have to send the full amount of tokens to our REGU vesting contract prior to TGE, thus lowering the risk of vesting delays.

2-The funds raised will be released to the project according to the vesting schedule. For example, if a project vests 15% of the tokens every month, we will only release an equivalent percentage of the funds to the project at least 48 hours after each vesting.

3-If the price of the token falls below the IDO/Sale price before 50% of the tokens have been vested, Regular Presale will urge the project to perform a token buyback or large marketing campaign. If it fails and the price of the token is under IDO price for 3 consecutive days, Regular Presale will provide an option for refunds for the remaining allocation to investors. Please note that for the price action, we are referring to Dextools’ Chart, and we will count it as 1 if the Open and Closing price in the Daily Timeframe is below the IDO Price.

4-The project will have to provide liquidity in a 1:1 ratio in relation to its Initial Market Cap (IMC). For example, if a project has an IMC of $300k, it will need to have $150k of liquidity in USD + $150k of liquidity in the token. And Regular Presale Team will help to calculate the real Initial Market Cap for the project by the time of launching.

5-The liquidity of the token will have to be locked with a reliable third party (e.g. FlokiFi Locker)-(If projects want to lock with your own contracts, please send us the contract. Our DEV Team has to look into this).

6-The project Team’s tokens will have to be locked up according to the vesting schedule. This includes any and all tokens for marketing, advisory, etc.

7-The token’s contracts will need to be audited by a dependable audit firm, to prevent any vulnerabilities or intentional loopholes in the code.

8-The listing date of the token must be within 14 days of the IDO and Regular Presale reserves the right to provide refunds if the listing is postponed.

9-(Assuming it was issued at 25%TGE) If the price of the token manages to keep its price 4x or higher for at least 12 hours within the first 48 hours, it is deemed to be exempt from Insurance and the deal is terminated. (If given at 20% TGE, 5x is applied instead of 4x. Mathematics ratio)

If any of the terms above are not met by the project after IDO, we reserve the right to refund all the funds raised from our community.
We hope that the implementation of this feature will help provide our investors with more assurance and help improve the quality of projects on our platform.

Regular Presale welcomes projects from various blockchains such as Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, etc. Not limited to only Public Sales, Regular Presale also offers projects a wide array of other funding methods, ranging from Seed rounds to Private rounds and Strategic Rounds.



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