Regular Presale — Single Staking Guide

REGU investors have two staking options

  1. Single Staking with REGU 18% APY (additional 30% BONUS if staked for a continuous period of 10 months)
  2. Providing LP with REGU-BNB (100% APY)

In this article, we will guide you through how to stake REGU.

Single Staking Rules

1. Minimum staking period of 30 days and APR is 18%

2. No Fees for unstaking

3. Long term reward: additional 30% APY will be received if you stake longer than 10 months consecutively. That’s a total 48% APY!

Note — Staking additional tokens will reset your staking time (should you want to stake additional without resetting the time, you can use a secondary wallet)

Step by Step REGU Staking Guide

  1. Click ‘Launch App’ to enter the staking page.

2. Type on the amount of REGU you want to stake and click ‘Stake’

3. If it’s your first time staking, you will receive an request to approve permission to transact REGU.

4. Once confirmed, please wait until the transaction is completed (can take up to 1 minute)

5. Once again, now type in the amount of REGU you want to stake and click ‘Stake’ button

6. This second time will confirm the actual staking transaction in your wallet

7. Successfully staked REGU!




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Regular Presale

Regular Presale

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