A Quarter-Life Crisis: In Stages…

Step 1: Loneliness.

There is a loneliness in trying to find yourself at this stage in your life that nobody tells you about when you get your marching orders at the Adulting Academy.

If you follow the ‘rules’ like me, it hits you probably about a week or so after graduation, when the schedules disappear and you come face to face with the fact that you are now wholly responsible. For your time. For your success — or lack thereof. You are, for all intents and purposes, IN CHARGE.

It’s damned hard to wrap your head around this. And not to generalise — there are countless twenty-somethings who’ve got their ish together* — and wouldn’t know what not having a plan looked like if it came and camped in their already-mortgaged house.

But if you took the road that many of us have taken, it is a stark and hard-panelled door that you find yourself walking through when you get here and realise…there are no more rules. No more systems to fit your life around. No one will be telling you where to go anymore or how to get there and the bleak reality of not having a goal; or having one but having no plan for how to get there, is the first indication of what your twenties might end up looking like.

This is stage one. The beginning. Ground zero, if you will. Where will you go? What career? What city? What will you become and how will you become it? Will your dreams survive the countless hours of reaching required to even get a foot in the door of the industry you’ve been eyeing up since you realised *it* was what you wanted? Actually, can you even afford your dreams? The life-sucking gotta-pay-the-bills job you’re in right now has pretty much numbed your soul. What even are dreams?!

Or, maybe you get very lucky and the hard work pays off. You go from school to desired job, or to the first entry job that sets your foot to acquiring your own personal holy grail and you’re golden.

It is everything you want. But nothing like you expected and you can’t actually explain this in words that make sense because of course you love it! It’s your dream job! Part of the plan…

Whatever way you look at it, it is often-times hard, and draining and isolating to do life in your twenties.

I say to you what I wish I’d heard at the start of this journey a few years back: You are not alone. Bear up :)

Yours in Solidarity,


Let’s not lie, they’re probably all secretly part of the Unicorn Alliance cause how the hell else are we supposed to make something out of the hand we are being dealt?