A Year away from home…
It’s been a year I have left home and came to Sydney for a better life, same day last year I was leaving with a sea of mixed emotions. Was excited to start a new chapter of life at the same time was so sad to see some moist eyes with tears. Plan was simple Go, work hard, have fun and come back every year for a month or two. Not knowing destiny had some different plans for me. When I look back everything have changed. Excitement became struggle and those moist eyes became ignorant. Life has taught me so much in this past year and so many realisations happened.


  1. Don’t love anyone more than they deserve they’ll take you for granted.
  2. Don’t run after people to prove that you matter. Keep your self respect.
  3. Nothing is permanent in this life, be tolerant.
  4. The phrase “Don’t Give Up” is shit. You have to give up on things to move on for better.
  5. Everyone’s life is difficult. 24/7 happy person is a myth.
  6. No one loves you more than your Mother. Word. (My mother for sure).
  7. Indian food is the best. Every other cuisine is just a compromise and only good for Instagram.
  8. Stop keeping count, stop keeping track of all the favours you’ve done for other people. Don’t expect anything in return.
  9. Make peace with your past.
  10. When you are sad, angry, depressed listen to twenty one pilots. Every thing will be normal in no time.
Apart from this, it was the most productive year of my life. Have met some very awesome people, jumped from the sky, bought things I could have not even dreamt of buying in India and most important of all lost some weight ☺.
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