“When evil overtook your mind, your soul is mine”.

Last night, in an altered state of mind,
I wrote a rhyme that will fuck your evil mind,
Fuck this, I carry a beating ball in my chest,
It feels things that I wish others felt,
From their reassuring smiles and encouraging words,
Fuck them, they don’t know, What you’ve done.
Thank you inner voice for coming back to me,
In the cozy little room, you talk to me,
Sheltered away from a place, where I don’t want to be,
Inside, with you, is where I can be me,
Without any kind of hesitancy…

How is it that I find you in me?
The question is as unanswerable as it seems,
Maybe it’s when I get enough sleep,
And we meet over sips of elixir.
It’s when I find you and some relief,
As you and only you listen to me.
So after I drag myself down the line,
through the nights, days and more nights..
It’s you I want to meet,
Through the escape of my sleep,
It somehow gets tiring..
As I,
merely try living..

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