Learning to Fly

Mark Reichman
Dec 15, 2015 · 2 min read

Learning to fly is an incredible experience. It’s challenging, thrilling, and cathartic. Soaring above the world, in the cliché sense of a bird in flight, is an epic feeling.

But where do you even start learning?

Pilots com from all walks of life.

When you ask someone, “How’d you get started?” you can expect a wide array of answers.

Some people have dreamed of flying a plane for their entire lives and have been saving up money for years to buy lessons. Others have more career-oriented dreams, such as commercial airline pilots who commit to a life of flying internationally.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of flying. However, there are a few practical precautions to consider before you get in the cockpit. And you need the proper guidance to make sure you’re ready for such a serious undertaking.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before committing to flying lessons. You’ll need cross these necessities off your list when looking for a professional instructor and an institute that offers planes for practice.

First, confirm that all instructors are Experienced Certified Flight Instructors. These instructors will be closely supervised by an experienced Chief Flight Instructor. Second, make sure that he training syllabus is highly structured for both on-the-ground and in-flight instruction. Everything also must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration — FAA.

Once you estimate the approximate cost, ask yourself:

  • Is the flight school staff friendly and helpful? Can the school accommodate your scheduling needs? Would you feel comfortable in an aircraft with them?
  • Do they have an FAA approved flight simulator?
  • Where will you take your testing?
  • What kind of license do you need?

Costs vary depending on the license you require. Your ultimate goal for learning to fly should heavily influence your flight training need. While it’s not advisable to look for the “cheapest” programs, you should know what license you need. Sport Pilot Licenses and Light Sport Airplanes are less expensive. However, if you plan to use high performance aircraft you will need to go through more intensive training.

Once you start flying, it’s difficult to stop. So get trained, and get flying.

Originally published at drmarkreichmanomfs.com.

Mark Reichman

Written by

Dr. Mark Reichman is a top surgeon in Vancouver specializing in orthognathic & reconstructive surgery, especially for children. http://drmarkreichmanOMFS.com

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