Your web should work without JavaScript

Hey folks, the idea for today is to talk about why is REALLY important to make a web that can run with and without JavaScript.

Ok, let’s start ! First of all I want to say that this article is mostly for sites where you can buy anything online.


Maths are simple.. More users we reach, more conversions we get.

So then, give all your users a f*cking awesome experience.

Lets see some examples..

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a social network, as all social networks it lives from users but Facebook doesn’t need to support non-javascript users because they don’t have a big ‘BUY’ button to win money.

2. Twitter

Twitter is similar to Facebook but when you disable JavaScript it drives itself a little mad and redirect you to the mobile and render a beautiful ‘not found’ page.

The experience of this is really awful because you can’t understand what is happening or which is your problem. Hope Twitter will fix this in the near future.

3. Amazon

Amazon has the big ‘BUY’ button so as I said before, they need to reach the non-javascript users to get even more conversions.

As we can see in the above photos, the experience without JavaScript is almost the same that the experience with JavaScript.

To sum up

Giving your users an awesome experience is always great so you should really try to make a website that works without JavaScript.

And remember, if your website is an online market don’t try yo make it, just do it.

Thanks for reading,