Playing a Role
Amanda Roman

Hi Amy. You’ve talked about not seeing people with experiences like yours.

So… bio-male, hetero married, non-cis but mostly cis-presenting, small-boob having, attracted primarily to women person reporting in.

I saw you recommended my post, so you kind of know that.

But reading your essays makes it clear we have more than that in common. I’m a late identifier, 35 but just now untangling it. I play female characters in video games and feel good doing it (hell, in Fallout 4 I transitioned a male character to female). I’m… into… transformation stories. I’m fully out to my wife and not many else. I sometimes dress in private. I’ve often felt it was just a sex thing.

You’re not alone out here. We’re not alone out here.

Of course, our experiences aren’t identical. You’re entirely heterosexual; I’m not. You’re going with trans as an identifier; I’m going with genderqueer. You’re more interested in physical transition than I am.

It’s good for me to see someone I identify with, here’s hoping it goes both ways.