My top picks for software on MacOS.

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So I’ve been using a Macbook Pro for twelve months now, and with a number of people recently asking me what I use on a day-to-day basis I thought it’d be a good idea to note it down.

Mail App: Spark

For some time I used the stock mail app, and I did dabble with AirMail and Polymail for short stints, but they never stuck. Spark is different, it’s a beautifully designed mail app which doesn’t get in my way. You can use keyboard shortcuts and swipe actions to perform pretty much any common action (archive, delete, save for later, pin etc.), you can set custom archive folders, and the app is able to predict which folder you will move a message to based on the subject line and the sender (at least I believe that’s how it does it, I’m not 100% sure). Using any other mail app on any other platform just feels like a massive step back to me after using Spark. …

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through setting up your own CDN with Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 and CloudFront.

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In this modern era of web development where ‘pagespeed’ can be critical factor in your SEO and vital for retaining user’s attention many sites will require the use of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to host their static assets. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through setting up your own CDN with Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 and CloudFront.


For this tutorial you will require an AWS account with access to create S3 buckets and CloudFront distributions. …

Pipelines were introduced to Jenkins in April 2016, in this article I talk through some of the best pipeline steps and the weaknesses of pipelines.

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Since last April I’ve been using the latest version of Jenkins for a number of test projects and some academic projects, I’ve found the documentation for performing a number of operations very sparse, and after much experimentation I have some knowledge to share with you.

Tips on writing Pipelines

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a way to send HTML formatted emails in the same way that you can with email-ext for traditonal jobs in Jenkins, judging by discussion on the forums and the docs it appears that email-ext does not support this at present. I’ve found mailing the build log to the ‘culprit(s)’ is the best option, but I’ve also seen instances of simply sending a link to the build on build failure along with the message ‘build failed’. …


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