Reign FC Legend: Carmen Best

The Legends campaign, a partnership between Seattle Reign FC and Avanade, honors women for their extraordinary contributions in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Prior to the match against Portland Thorns FC this Saturday, the club will recognize Seattle Police Department Deputy Chief, Carmen Best.

“Legends is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate women in our community,” said Best. “The campaign is empowering, and highlights the importance of sports, camaraderie, and competition.”

Best’s career developed out of a passion to help others. Her assignments have included Uniformed Patrol, School Safety, Department Spokeswomen, Media Relations, and Assistant Chief of the Criminal Investigations Bureau among others.

“I wanted to make a difference in our community,” said Best. “Policing is more than enforcing the law. We spend a majority of time providing services to people in need, and even saving lives along the way.”

A member of the Seattle Police Department since 1992, Best became the first female Deputy Chief of the Seattle Police Department in 2014.

“It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in law enforcement,” said Best. “In my career with the Seattle Police Department, I’ve held several positions that were often times held by men. I am proud to be the first female Deputy Chief of the Department.”


Part of her experience breaking through barriers in her career has enabled Best to be an important figure for young girls looking to work in industries in which they may not be well-represented.

“Never give up,” said Best. “Always be yourself, and find great mentors in the profession who encourage and motivate you to achieve your best.”

Best has also come to see the similarities between her career and the world of sports. She feels that much of what Reign FC value as a team aligns with the values that are important to police work.

“Absolutely, there are parallels between policing and sports,” said Best. “You need to think strategically and be able to anticipate your next move. Being able to react both quickly and carefully is also important. Also, teamwork: knowing your role, bringing your strongest skills, and working together toward a common goal.”

These parallels have given Best a unique viewpoint into the importance of sports. Working in a community with two professional women’s sports teams has been an inspiration to Best.

“It is incredibly important to have professional women’s sports teams in Seattle,” said Best. “There are many women and young women in our community who are inspired by our local female athletes. As they cheer for their hometown team, they see a possible future for themselves through these players.”