Seattle Reign FC Legend: Senator Patty Murray

Prior to the match against the Houston Dash on Sunday afternoon, Reign FC recognized United States Senator Patty Murray as a Seattle Reign FC Legend for her many accomplishments in service to our state and nation.

US Senator Patty Murray accepts the Reign FC Legends Award

Senator Murray never intended to enter a career in politics, but after a Washington state politician told her she “couldn’t make a difference” as a parent trying to save a local preschool program targeted by state budget cuts, those plans changed. The program was saved after Senator Murray organized a grassroots coalition of 13,000 parents.

After serving on the Shoreline School Board, Senator Murray was elected to the Washington State Senate. Eventually, the Bothell, Washington native would go on to become the first female United States Senator from Washington state, as well as the first female chair on two different congressional committees.

Senator Murray believes that fortitude has played a large role in her ability to make a difference in Seattle and the United States, and that you don’t have to be a U.S. Senator to make change possible.

“Long before I became a U.S. Senator, I was once told that I could never make a difference because I was just a mom in tennis shoes,” said Senator Murray. “You can bet that I was happy to prove that man wrong, and to show him that with enough determination, anyone can make a difference, whether you’re wearing tennis shoes, soccer cleats, or anything else.”

As the fourth-ranking Democrat in the United States Senate, Senator Murray hasn’t forgotten where she comes from or who she represents. She comes home almost every weekend, travels across Washington state listening to her constituents, and then goes back to Washington D.C. to help families, solve problems, and fight for Washington state priorities.

Senator Murray is also motivating the next generation of difference makers to continue their own fight to accomplish their goals.

“I commend the entire Reign FC organization for inspiring our next generation to be examples of excellence, and want all the young girls out there to know that with enough determination, there is nothing you can’t do.”

“Senator Murray’s tireless efforts on behalf of the citizens of our state has helped make Washington a truly special place,” said Seattle Reign FC owner Teresa Predmore. “She is an inspiration to all, but in particular, she serves as an important role model to girls and young women. She is a deserving recipient of the award and we are proud to count Senator Murray as a Reign FC Legend.”

The Legends campaign is a partnership between Seattle Reign FC and Chihuly Studio. At each regular season game, Reign FC honors one women as a Seattle Reign FC Legend in recognition of her extraordinary contributions in our community and beyond. To celebrate the achievements of each Reign FC Legend, Dale Chihuly crafted the Reign Royal Blue Piccolo Venetian, which is symbolically presented to each Seattle Reign FC Legend.