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Seattle Reign FC Legend: Senator Pramila Jayapal

Prior to the match against the Western New York Flash on Saturday night, Reign FC recognized Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal as a Seattle Reign FC Legend for her many accomplishments in service to our community.

“I am so inspired by the role Reign FC plays in our community. Not only is it providing incredible leadership in sports, but it takes its role in developing and honoring women’s leadership very seriously,” said Jayapal. “The Reign women are true ‘she-roes’ for so many women and girls across our community who see a potential future for themselves through these players.”

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Senator Pramila Jayapal has been a leading national advocate for human rights for the past two decades. After coming to the U.S. at the age of 16 to study at Georgetown University, Jayapal became a financial analyst on Wall Street. It was there Jayapal realized her desire to make a difference on a larger scale.

“I learned so much on Wall Street at a very young age — not only about financial skills and business but also about what my heart really wanted,” said Jayapal. “I realized I needed to do something that helped make a real difference in the world for people who had not had the opportunity that I had. So, I decided to leave Wall Street and the private sector to devote my life to social justice.”

Jayapal then went on to become a Washington State Senator representing the 37th legislative district. Jayapal led one of the largest voter registration efforts in Washington state, helping over 23,000 Americans register to vote.

Jayapal also founded ‘OneAmerica’ and co-directed ‘We Belong Together’. ‘One America’ is the largest refugee advocacy organization in Washington State and ‘We Belong Together’ supports immigration policies that keep families together and empower women.

Photo by MikeRussellFoto

Jayapal is now running for Congress, and should she be elected she would be the first woman in the 7th congressional district to be elected. The senator would also be the first person of color in the Washington Democratic delegation and the first ever South Asian woman elected to Congress. More information about Senator Jayapal’s campaign can be found here:

“The reality is that we need to see women’s leadership in every single walk of life,” said Jayapal. “Women athletes are role models for millions of women and girls across our state and country, because they show what hard work, dedication and strength look like. Women athletes are breaking new ground, and showing leadership to so many who never saw themselves in the sports picture before.”

In 2013, Jayapal was recognized as a “Champion of Change” by the White House for her aspiration to create a more “equal, safe and prosperous future.”

“We are thrilled to honor Senator Jayapal as a Seattle Reign FC Legend,” said Seattle Reign FC owner Teresa Predmore. “We are deeply appreciative of the Senator’s work fighting for the rights of those without a voice in our society. For decades she has demonstrated the kind of leadership necessary to shape positive change in our community.”

The Legends campaign is a partnership between Seattle Reign FC and Chihuly Studio. At each regular season game, Reign FC honors one woman as a Seattle Reign FC Legend in recognition of her extraordinary contributions in our community and beyond. To celebrate the achievements of each Reign FC Legend, Dale Chihuly crafted the Reign Royal Blue Piccolo Venetian, which is symbolically presented to each Settle Reign FC Legend.