Three Point Tweets: SRFCvWNYF

Well, yesterday sure was fun. We’re not even sure if we’ve fully digested the events that transpired. It was our favorite day, #ReignFCMatchday of course, and we knew it would also serve as the homecoming for our World Champs — Hope Solo and Megan Rapinoe!

Boy, it was really nice to have those two back in Seattle and back at Memorial Stadium. 5,778 amazing fans packed the house to welcome those two back, celebrate their accomplishments and let their voices be heard as Reign FC defeated Western New York Flash 4 to 2.

We’ve said it before but fun on the field means fun on Twitter, and we’re here to bring you another edition of Three Point Tweets. Here are our absolute favorite 140-character combos from the last night’s victory!

Harvs getting us started early.

We weren’t far behind!

5,778 people, Kops!


Two champs. Two programs.


We had THREE World Cup champs in the building.

And then they were here! YAY!

Be on the lookout for this video soon. It’s A+!

Luuuucccckkkkkkyyyyy ducks!

1991 & 2015

You guys are amazing.

This was pretty neat. Golden program = Hope & Pinoe autograph signing!

So excited, there’s a typo. Oooooops.

Great photo!

Seriously. What a lovely way to welcome home our Champs!

Hey, thanks!

Okay, now let’s play some soccer!

We were so pumped.

No surprise here. These two were just doing stuff.



Seattle’s Mayor meeting the Champs!

A golden ticket that leads:
Pinoe & Hope > Chocolate factory

Alright, we were down by a goal here so we added extra O’s to Go to help out.



Are you kidding us?! 3 goals in 6:09. Fastest in NWSL history (Beating the previous record held by Portland… Hehe)

Constantly in awe of Little. Seriously, she split two people with a spin here.

And then our #WelshWonder nabs a goal!

We agree!

Katrine Veje made her debut! Yay!


Take a bow, Yanez!

Sounds like a fantastic night!

Just an overall great night of #soccer!

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