Looking for a Reiki Infinite Healer Review? Read This.

Rating: 5 stars — Excellent

The Reiki Infinite Healer Course is a uniquely created system that condenses all of the knowledge of the practice of Usui Reiki into a 21 day self-paced training system. The system was developed and divided into three levels; healing, distance healing and mastery of healing.

The Reiki Infinite Healer Course was created by a certified Reiki Master named Dave Nelson. He has been using the techniques of Usui Reiki to heal many people. He has also taught many people that wanted to learn the techniques themselves. He created the course based on the same principles that he taught. In this article, I’ll give you my review of the course.

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What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is just one of many techniques that are designed to help individuals tap into the inner energy that flows throughout all of the universe and living beings. Reiki was first used in India and other parts of the East dating back two thousand years. However, modern Reiki was rediscovered by a Japanese man named Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is the art of inner healing by using the hands.

What Comes inside of the Reiki Infinite Healer Course?

The unique training course was designed as a comprehensive package that includes everything one would need to learn the healing techniques of Reiki in just a few weeks. Forget about what you may have read that it takes years to learn it, Reiki was created by a man that used the method inside the course to develop the art of Reiki in weeks.

The course includes the following:

Training Manuals

  • Reiki Level One
  • Reiki Level Two
  • Reiki Level Three

Video Course

Full Body Healing Techniques

Reiki Music

Volumes 1 and 2 — Ten songs specially composed for Reiki

Flash Cards — Complete set of flashcards depicting the full body hand positions used in Reiki

Bonus E-Books — Four specially selected downloadable E-Books are included in the program

Advantages to taking the Reiki Infinite Healer Course

The comprehensive course is easy to follow, thanks to the use of clear written instructions, and visual aids. One of the biggest advantages is that this system has been used to turn thousands of students into Reiki Masters, so you know it works. It teaches the techniques of Reiki in an accelerated manner, which means you can learn everything you need to know in weeks, instead of years. The two volumes of Reiki music help create a mental state that opens up your chakras, allowing the Reiki energy can flow more freely.

My Final Thoughts

Dave Nelson created his Reiki Infinite Healing Course to share his knowledge of the practice that he has used to help people tap into that inner energy source that all people possess. The heart of this home course is the three level main set of books and video. Along with that, he adds in some bonuses to help bolster the techniques in the course.

Everything is well presented in easy to follow terms and being able to watch the video is a great addition to the course. Having everything on hand means that you can refer back to it any time, 24/7 if you forget any techniques or need to look anything up. My overall review is that this is an excellent way to learn reiki.

If you are looking to learn Reiki for yourself, you really should try Dave Nelson’s Reiki Infinite Healer Course for yourself. Just click here.