AutoMod 2.0: Personalization Update
Brian Petrocelli

As always, a feature is released that is horribly bugged. I was unable to set auto mod to level 0, which means for an entire stream, tons of messages were held. Even if I could set it to 0, from what I understand it will no longer function as I need it to.

This system is 100% horrible. Previously, I had personal information on my custom filter list. When someone typed it, trying to dox me, to them it looked like their message went through. To everyone else in chat, they just saw ***. The doxxer thinks they’ve completed their mission, and chat is none the wiser. NOW the doxxer is told “your message is blocked by automod.” So instead, they type it again, adding spaces in weird places to dodge the filter since they know it’s getting filtered. And Ofc with bttv, even if mods clear the message, it doesn’t actually clear. This applies to any filtered word, and I saw it happen constantly last night after twitch made this stupid mod mandatory. Every banned word was just typed out letter by letter. Chat spent the entire stream focussing on the new stupid system, ruining the stream.

Streamers need this system reversed, or an option to run the old system with zero automod interference. Requiring this to be used at some level rather than the previous *** system is unbelievable.

If only 20% of channels were chosen to use it, why exactly would it be rolled out to 100% of channels, when clearly a larger number of people don’t want it?