Hydrolyzed Collagen Fountain Of Youth?
Reinventing Carrie

3 weeks and as much as I hate to say this I have to tell you, I see a big difference in my skin and nails.

The ‘11' lines are almost completely gone, my skin seems firmer and my skin tone has improved. This is a no makeup picture I took with my phone. No filters of photoshopping, as a mother I am trying to lead by example and not be ashamed of the way I look. RSD has caused serious issues with my nails and I’m starting to see some improvement. Still hoping to see some changes with my RSD, the symptoms and progression. I will revisit this in another 3 weeks, I am committed to giving it 3 months before I decide if it is worth continuing but I am pretty happy with that horrible ‘11' being less noticeable.

I am 45 and I am not being paid nor was I given free products to try. This is simply just my opinion based on my experience.