Daily Tip: Don’t Give Your Power Up

Life Lessons


There Is Only One Thing You Can Control

I have been teaching this to my daughter since she started school after her first issue with a friend, the only thing you can control is the way you react. We can not control other people or situations that arise but how we react that is all on us. No one can make you feel anything that is a power that you may give someone else, I repeat that is a power you may GIVE someone else. Take back your power and change the only thing you can, you.

Bad things happen, they may not be fair, they may not be right but they happen it is up to you how much power you give it.

This is why I do not put emphasis on telling children they are beautiful, if you do are you not also setting them up to give their power up when they are told they are not beautiful?

How you feel, how you react or percieve the magnitude of a ‘problem’ is your doing, no one else’s. Once you realize this, once you begin to take that power/control back you will find you can over come anything of course it isn’t that easy but it is possible.


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