The Parisian Lifestyle Makeover: The a Dessert Edition

How to have dessert and reduce your sugar intake.

Say dessert in America and we conjure images of chocolate cake or in my case Tiramisu but that isn’t what the French necessarily mean by dessert. Truth is as Americans we are addicted to sugar and high fructose corn syrup how else can you describe a country where the average daily consumption of 25 to 35 teaspoons a day. If that doesn’t shock you this should, in one year the average American consumes 150 to 170 pounds of sugar. Are we addicted, well look at those numbers again and let it soak in how else can you explain consuming 170 pounds of sugar in a year. I know you don’t think you have that much but you are forgetting about all of the hidden sugar/corn syrup found in everything from fast food french fries to your fat free ranch dressing, yeah how did you think they made those fat free salad dressings? Non fat typically means more sugar so stay away from all non fat items and opt for low fat. So how do the French eat dessert several nights a week and not consume more sugar then us?

First you need to understand that dessert doesn’t mean the same thing to them. The average Parisienne finds our version of dessert a bit too sweet and lean more toward savory, tart, bitter or more sour flavors. A cheese and fruit platter with a glass of wine is considered dessert, I can just see my kids faces when I pull that out for dessert with their noses all squinched up and looking at me like I was from another planet. Or if I pulled out the 1 square of dark chocolate for each kid to finish off the cheese plate and they realized I am serious it’s only 1 square. The Parisian woman understands the concept of everything in moderation and what we would consider a serving is 2 to 3 times less than what we consider a serving to be. Now since it is Americans that are suffering an epedemic of obiesity and health realated problems from being over wieght I think we can all agree we aren’t getting it right. We have kids as young as elementary school with high cholesterol problems so maybe we need to make some real changes in our relationship with food.

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