Why Do You Carry So Much In Your Bag

Ok Jess this is for you, so I am doing a post on the perfect bag for the busy mom, what size is appropriate and a little reality check in regards to how much you are carrying. This particular friend has 2 adorable boys that are busy with school, friends and sports so there is a lot of shuffling around and running out the door. Being a mom, although my daughter is no longer at the age of needing me to run her around she was a very active kid involved in several sports and other activities I can relate so I have a few things to go through first, how much is too much.

If you can’t fit it all in your large tote bag you may be carrying too much and ultimately giving yourself too much stress.

The issue of changing bags only to realize you left your credit card in the other bag after filling your cart at the grocery store. Talk about frustrating especially since we all know grocery shopping especially with kids is not always a fun experience.

The chaos, the chaos of the crap you throw in your bag that gets lost in the bottom of the bag and now you have to dump everything out in a panic that you end up having to do more then once because you keep missing it.

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