Why Every Woman Needs A Mentor

I think every women needs a ‘mentor’, a woman you admire and aspire to be like, actually you might need a few for different reasons. We all know the ‘would Audrey wear this’ and up to a year ago I really pushed that but I don’t think that is true anymore. It is ridiculous to choose her as your ‘fashion mentor’ if you look nothing like her because what works for her 000 frame won’t work for a women that wears a size 16 and if you are not demure her style won’t fit you. If your goal is to be force of nature, to break all of the rules and sterio types look for a woman that has accomplished or is accomplishing this. She could be someone famous or she could be your grandmother, look around you there are amazing women all around you. As a very young girl I was inspired Katharine Hepburn, I read her book over and over again until it started falling apart. I choose Katharine because something about her spoke to me, her stregth, beauty and her ability to fight even when the odds were against her but you need to find someone that speaks to you. I grew up surrounded by strong women so now I can see why Katharine sparked passion for me.

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