A car is typically the second most expensive asset people own, after their home. Yet, people spend only a small portion of their time actually in vehicles. “Shared economy” businesses like Uber, Airbnb and others add a net benefit to society by increasing the utilization of those fixed assets in a productive way. In this article, we’ll explore the development cost of an app like Uber.

By now, you’ve probably heard about Uber? A little-to-no-value company transformed itself into a $51-billion on-demand economy behemoth in some 6 years, disrupting the whole taxicab industry and propelling a revolution in the way we buy, spend, and use.

Back in 2009, no one had any idea about Uber. Smartphones and apps were already there, but the ecosystem to properly connect services and consumers was a bit raw. The new generation, meanwhile, strived for more and wanted to purchase anything anytime with a tap on the screen.

The change was inevitable. The advance of technology, as well as the…

Have you ever given some real (business-minded) thought to something so fundamental to app success as UI/UX design? If not, it’s about time! If you have, here’s some more food for thought. Let’s dive deep and find out how much does it really cost to design a mobile app.

The right thing to do before going forward would be to address some of the most frustrating questions that occur about professional mobile application UI/UX design.

Great design is critical to the overall success of your application. It makes the difference in getting more traffic, converting users to leads (and then…

Wondering why apps fail? Many entrepreneurs fall victim to the “positive thinking trap.” For them, “failure” becomes a forbidden word, a taboo, the worst thing that can ever happen.

When it comes to tech business and mobile application development, failure is the first thing to watch for.

You want your app and business to be successful, popular, and lucrative, right? It’s natural that you read articles like “How to Make a Gazillion Dollars with Your First App?,” “How to Get Funded,” and visualize your personal “app success story.” That’s perfectly okay. …

Back in 2012, Andrew Chen wrote Mobile app startups are failing like it’s 1999. That was a special year in the era of irrational exuberance.

To reiterate Andrew’s original notes, launching a startup in 1999 meant raising lots of money, spending 9 months in development and then launching with massive PR. Frequently failing as a startup to get a product/market fit, companies relaunched repeatedly until they ran out of money or got lucky.

The intervening decade taught us how to code and iterate faster. It brought us more marketing tools to play with and propelled us into the world of…

So, you own a business and want to know, “How much does it cost to develop an app?” and “What influences app development costs?”

That’s one of the most common questions our customers ask us. Even after six years of building smart mobile products, it is still one of the hardest questions to answer. Just like if you wanted to buy a home, you would get very different price ranges for a run-down house in Detroit or a manor in Beverly Hills. App development costs cover many variables.

Because of that, a reliable and trustworthy answer can only be given…

What is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and why every letter matters.

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) uses a development technique where new products only include sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. Only after acquiring feedback from initial users do the final features and options move into design and development.

Eric Ries, a consultant and writer on startups, originated the concept. As described by him, “Minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”

“The best way to understand the concept of MVP: imagine it as a MINIMUM LOVABLE PRODUCT.”

The point here…

You have a vital role to play in guiding your mobile product development. Yes, the mobile development agency you hire is responsible for bringing all of the technical and design details to fruition. Even so, your feedback and instructions will be needed at several points of the development process. This brings us to the matter of a mobile product development checklist — because your app is only ready when you say it is.

What is and why bother with a mobile product development checklist?

Planes are complicated machines. Pilots use preflight checklists to avoid tragic mishaps. Mobile apps are complex products. Experienced developers employ checklists for quality control and because a…

Once you decide you need to have an app built, mobile app estimation is the next step. Otherwise, you may start something you can’t complete because it ends up costing more than you expected. Now, how do you go about determining the cost of a mobile app?

Knowledge is power.

For mobile app estimations, you’ll most likely turn to agencies from your shortlist. Some of them will offer free quotes and estimates for the development cost; some others will offer the estimation as part of a paid service packages.

Full disclosure: as someone who’s a part of a mobile product…

There are 12 million app developers worldwide, according to Evans Data Corporation. And, most app distribution strategy focus on a grand total of two stores — Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

*Crickets chirping*

There’s no debate that they capture the majority of the market. But, it is not easy to stand out from their 3.5+ million apps or the other 1,500+ submitted daily. If you have an app, you definitely want to be on both. The point is to not stop there.

There are hundreds of other stores — like you can find on the Ultimate App Store List


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