Those who have power, money, and influence have never experienced such a thing. The world has been made safe for them from the beginning.
Easily-Triggered Privileged People Have Turned Society Into Their Own Giant Safe Space
Na'amen Gobert Tilahun

Thank you, Na’amen (& Est.) for this powerful article.

I left the US over 2 years ago because I just couldn’t stand the money-centric society anymore. I knew there were humans, real people, who thrived on love instead of money, status, and a sense of false safety. The US system had made me sick, and I watched myself turn into a withered soul, afraid to say anything in defense of me and my situation, lest I be even more viciously attacked for vocalizing the traumas I experienced. How twisted is that?

So I left. I sold everything I owned that was worth anything (less than $5000), and gave away all of my 3rd-hand apartment contents to those who needed warmth and furnishings. I had a US passport and enough to buy a one-way ticket to Peru. I had no plan other than ‘get out.’ It felt more like an escape, and truly, it was. I taught English for cash, helping beautiful people become expert translators of this coded language which has dominated the globe (somehow). It was enough to keep me going into Ecuador and Colombia, and I never felt safer and more loved in places I was always told were dangerous. I could finally breathe, standing on the outside of the US borders.

I say all that in preface to my response to your awesome prose. Having grown up there, and been immersed in the imbalance of wealth, looking at the US from the outside is a trippy experience. You are SO correct in saying “the privileged always have it safe” because they do. They have built their restrictive empire under the guise of keeping “their own kind” shielded from the rest of us “derelicts.” But I question safety, everyday. I’m not sure it means what they think it means.

What can really get me fired up is the “philanthropic” motives from the uber-wealthy who actually believe they are doing something good by funding questionable programs which often damage a targeted people, just to stamp their name on a project and collect kudos from their fellow wealthy-ones. People are projects to them, and that is sick.

Money is something that has always drummed up confusion within me, which can turn to hate real quick on days when I forget…I can choose to love instead. I never understood the money system, so I gave up trying to play their game. But I wanted to understand the bigger picture. What I can see from the outside is a whole different perspective — one that I would like to offer, just for fun. I flipped it all around and chose to see a different perspective. I found a way to offer them love, in that “awww, the poor things don’t know how to be human and feel real emotions like us” kind of way. I offer them compassion, in that “they can’t find their passion, so they hate and fear the limitless beauty of humanity, instead of being curious and excited and passionate” kind of way.

Privilege is a disease, and it is the true minority amongst humans. That’s why they shield themselves. It might even be subconscious, so that they don’t spread their illness too far. They feed their own system of money, so they have to keep future generations “safe” and blindly feeding the system. From a consumeristic aspect, these folks are the ones who buy the most “stuff.” They are dependent on producing future generations of privilege to keep their cycle going. They know that free humans don’t like to be told how to be, so they have to shield their people from experiencing real LIFE, and try to make the rest of us think we are the opposition (when we are the LIFE!!).

Those of us who have been pushed aside, destroyed, pummeled, mariginalized, hated, humiliated…we are truly free! We experience everything, survive and grow stronger, flex our life experience even more, and still survive. We support ourselves and each other with love through all of it. There are WAY more of us real humans on this planet than there are privileged, wealthy, so-called “powerful” influencers. They want the rest of us to believe they are above or better than, but they aren’t. Quite the opposite actually, from a soul-level perspective. They are the personified bluffer in a massive poker game, hellbent on making us think they are winning when they are holding blank cards. All they have is money, and that can disappear in an instant. We have boundless, infinite love.

Have you ever met an uber-wealthy person who is genuinely nice, loving, caring, compassionate, and giving? I haven’t. But then, I have never met an uber-wealthy person at all! The ones I have met who are more the celebrity/CEO-level of wealth, power, and privilege are NOT happy people. They are miserable, and they never have anything good to say about anybody (especially themselves — lots of self-hate in this category). Hence, the field of psychology. I have no statistic to cite here, but I would guess the majority of privileged folks are experiencing more mental health issues than the rest of us. Using our highly-tuned empathy as free-range humans, we can sense that those in power are NOT healthy or happy.

Privilege is an invisible prison, and those who live within it cannot transcend. Their children are protected, caged, held back from loving, prevented from finding their true selves. Forced to believe their own personal truths are wrong. What happens when any being is caged? They fear the unknown. They grow suspicious of anything outside of the cage, unless it is their “trusted” leader who feeds them and pretends to love them (as long as they behave on a leash). They think everything unknown will hurt them, so they attack other species first. But that’s not what I see in the rest of the world, outside of “modern” society. Dogs, cats, birds, chickens, humans, monkeys…all living TOGETHER with no fighting, no attacking, no yelling, no honking, no crying, no fit-pitching. Just a bunch of beings, being. It’s amazing! This can only be found in places where money is scarce, but love is plentiful.

Privilege is a cancer, and it spreads. They horde energy in the form of wealth and money, not allowing it to circulate, which makes them sick. All stuck energy will explode, that’s well-known in all of nature. Have you ever been through the intense pain of a terminal illness with a person? I have. There is a stage when anger and confusion takes over, and nothing is good. The person will do everything they can to convince others that everything is hell, because they are going through hell. All illness/unbalance is like this.

The privileged are not well, my friends, and they are trying to make the entire US into a huge cage, to bring everyone “up” to their level. It won’t work. It can’t. We know it’s wrong, we can feel it. But how to stop them? How to take away their misery and keep the cancer from spreading to the rest of us? Maybe they can’t see their own disease? Maybe we need to show them, hold up a mirror and reflect it to them, kindly diagnose them, help them heal, and return them to real humanity?

So, I ask myself… How can I possibly show them compassion and love? Especially when they seem to be coming from a space of pure hate? I love and honor everyone who is going through the hell of a major illness. How are the privileged and money-sick any different? They are struggling to supress their true nature of loving beings, and it’s killing them. They are putting forward their best masks to confuse the rest of us, but they aren’t fooling anybody. We know what they are — sick. And they need MORE LOVE from us, not less, if we truly want to heal humanity of this sickness. Money has made them suffer unrelentlessly. It has made them kill, hurt, and attack others. NO being does that without being caged and unloved first. Something is backwards here… We have to believe in a bigger truth. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

The cage door is always open. They just need people to think it’s locked, to help them feel normal, because they need their cage to feel safe.

This is all just my perspective, there is no wrong in the world. Everyone is always doing the best they can, given their personal life circumstances. If they could do better, they would! I only know how I can help, and right now that is by staying outside the cage and offering a hand to anyone who wants to join me.