Hard Work

Its hard to get used to do hard work. At least for me. well , every one might have heard work hard to get success. But how hard. What is the measurement. just let people know the threshold. For me , studying for 3 hours continuously is hard work. Many of friends feel its not at all considerable. I am here trying to derive the conclusion that Hard work is not a generalised subject. It have may constraints to consider.

After all I am a 20 year old pursuing my bachelors not even entered the so called real world and I have my opinion on hard work. Is is too early to draw some conclusions about major aspects of life at this point of time in my life. May be !! Or does it state my understanding of things till this point and might lead to next stage. I might change my opinions over time . Is it good. Am I a pushover. Am i the one who gets influenced fast!! well we are doing some hard work there. Aren't we. Yes for me. Some of us read it all cool.

“In this world full of possibilities”…..wow that’s a positive energy .well continuing with the point in this world hard workers getting successful is a possibility. But realizing that doing anything that makes you happy is a success itself. This time we are really being optimistic.

Facing the present social success truths. Get a job which pays 12L + per annum is success bitch. That’s it you are a god in your own well world . kind of shallow well may be. Remember 12L per annum guys. Your hard work should be equivalent to that number. Then the law gets satisfied.

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