RekoMnd — A Social Network for Recommendations

Everyday, millions of people ask for recommendations across Twitter and Facebook…at the same time millions of people post about things they love. We think there’s room for a 3rd social network, just for recommendations, and we’re calling it RekoMnd.💡

We began this endeavor with the launch 🚀 of our Twitter account (@RekoMnd) a few weeks ago. We wanted to test 🔬the market and see if people were enthusiastic about having their requests for recommendations answered by this new mysterious🔮 service. We also are recruiting a network of experts for every category you can think of on topics like tech 👩‍💻, health & beauty 👱‍♀️, music 👩‍🎤 , books 👨‍💼, gardening 👨‍🌾 and electronics 🕺. If we can’t provide a#reko ourselves, we reach out to these experts. If you think you’d make a good RekoMnd’r we’d ❤️ to have you! (Details 👉

At the same time, we’ve been building a database of real-time social media posts about about music, books, shows, movies, products etc. that people are really enthusiastic about. For example, we can tell you the top songs that are shared on Twitter on any given day. In fact, everyday we tweet out the top Podcasts 🎙️ (1pm), Books 📚 (2pm), Netflix 📺(7pm), and Songs 🎧 (8pm) (all times EST). We’re then using this database to better tailor the #rekos we give based on these crowd-sourced recommendations.

That’s kind of our M.O.: we’re connecting the people asking for recommendations with the people posting about how great a book or song is, thus the 3rd social network!

We’re also hard at work 👷 on a mobile app 📲 that will complement our Twitter account. Rather than having to tweet out a request for a recommendation, you can simply ask us what you’re looking for and we’ll give you a curated Reko.

In the meantime, we encourage you to tweet @ us your best requests for recommendations and we’ll do our best to find the perfect #reko for you! 🙌

Lastly, while we’re working on all of this if you’d like to support our project we started a Patreon account and any help would be supremely awesome, so thank you in advance!

We look forward to helping you!

-The RekoMnd Team

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