Positive Mindset

Have you seen the glass before? Is it half empty or half full?

No really, what do you see?

What do you think of the world?

What do you think of your life?

What do you think of your place in the world around you?

Are you happy with it? Do you hate it? What’s going on?

I think so much of what we project onto the world comes from the way we see it. If we think that everything is great, then we’ll put that into the world. On the other hand if we’re miserable, and seeing everything as a burden or something that’s holding us back, we tend to put that into the world.

Now some of you will argue that the everything IS bad. Some of you will argue that the world is a terrible place. Some of you will argue that people are awful and everyone is out to get one another. But honestly…there hasn’t been a better time in the history of the world to be alive. And while reading that you’re going to come up with so many reasons why it’s not.

“People are getting killed”

“There are natural disasters”

“We haven’t solved world hunger”

Yes. All of these things are true, but do you realize that all of the issues that you’re thinking of, all of the things you’re dwelling on, have always been there. And in reality, they’re actually much smaller issues today than they were before.

So I ask you, what are you spending your time focusing on? Are you seeing the world as a great place? Is life great? Because there are countless other people living in a worse place than you are, but they absolutely love life. They’re positive. They think everything is wonderful.

Positive people see the benefits to everything.

They see everything as an opportunity.

They see the good in other people.

They see that they’re doing their best.

They’re concerned with helping people around them.

They like seeing other people do well.

They’re changing things for the better.

But guess what? They’re living in the same world you are. They see the same things you do. There’s just one thing that they have that’s different.

They have a positive mindset.