21 Pretty Cool Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

Mans best friend. The loyal companion everyone falls in love with. From those dopey eyes to that cheerful waggy tail. Dogs are the most popular pet globally, with 33% of people owning a dog; and it doesn’t seem like they’re that hard to get to know. But wait, dogs have a lot of mysteries you might not know about. Don’t worry though, we’re here to shed the light on those quirky traits our best pals carry.

Get ready for some serious knowledge to be thrown down!

1: You can lower your blood pressure just by petting a dog!

2: Dogs aren’t completely colourblind! They can see in blue, yellow and green too!

3: Dalmatians are born totally white and develop their spots over time!

4: Dogs can recognise up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to five, and can perform simple mathematical calculations!

5: Dogs don’t enjoy hugging as much as you’d like to think. They interpret putting a limb over another animal as a sign of dominance.

6: Service dogs know when they’re on duty. They are trained to know that when the harness is on it’s serious time. When the harness comes off, they immediately become playful.

7: As a last line of defense, ancient Chinese emperors released a small Pekingese dog that was hidden up their sleeve.

8: The wetness of a dogs nose is used to determine what direction a scent is coming from. They also lick their nose to sample that scent.

9: If your dogs paws smell like tortilla chips, that’s because they only sweat out of their paw pads, and that’s what their sweat smells like!

10: Newfoundland dogs make for excellent swimmers because they have webbed feet and a water resistant coat!

11: Dogs eyes contain a special membrane, the Tapetum Lucidum, that allows them to see in the dark!

12: There are more than 18 muscles that control a dogs ear movements!

13: When dogs kick after going to the toilet, they are using scent glands in their paws to further mark their territory.

14: When your dog spins before going to sleep, they’re nesting! This is a trait carried down from their ancestors. They’re essentially making themselves at home!

15: Bloodhounds can trace scents that are 300 hours old!

16: Studies have found that dogs can get jealous if they see their owners displaying affection toward something or someone else.

17: Dogs like to poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field.

18: Basenji dogs are the only breed that can’t bark, but they can yodel!

19: Dogs curl up to sleep because of an instinct that helps keep them warm and protect their vital organs.

20: Dog urine can corrode metal!

21: Corgi is Welsh for ‘Dwarf Dog.’

*Goes away to cuddle ALL the dogs*

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