Logbook: December 28, 2016

Paraty, Brazil

The streets of Paraty flood at high tide

Taking the Bus

It’s very hard to pass up a chance to see a waterfall, even if it involves a hike in nearly 40'C. What we thought was going to be a hike through some jungle turned into more of an urban slog through traffic and crowded sidewalks. Not exactly the nature hike we were looking for. The waterfall was quite far away, so we decided to wait for a bus at the turning circle. A van showed up in place of the bus, so we piled into the 16 seater. All the seats were taken so we had to “stand”. After 15 minutes of crazy Brazilian driving we made it to the waterfall. This wasn’t just any waterfall… downstream from the falls was a natural waterslide! Although the waterfall was cool to see and stick our feet into, it’s hard to compare it to the other waterfalls we’ve seen along the way… the ones we’ve seen without anyone else sharing the experience. Regrettably, it’s hard for us to get amped for the usual tourist attractions.

A Hot Meal

Taking the van all the way back to town, we found a quiet spot near the water for lunch and made our way back to Reliance to escape the oppressive heat. We hoped the heat would die off, even slightly, as the sun set, but as we were walking around the old town to find a place to pop a squat it seemed to only get hotter. Our spirits brightened a little when we saw there was a big misting fan at the restaurant, but soon realized it was out of order. We were just going to have to accept the saturation of our clothing.

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