Logbook: January 12, 2017

Punta del Este, Uruguay


We may be in Uruguay, but it sure feels like Argentina. Punta del Este seems to be the vacation place of choice for Argentines, and it’s summer time. In an odd way, it feels as if our time zone has been flipped on its head… we are waking up as the sun sets and going to bed when the sun rises… taking naps after dinner, then going out. Our usual philosophy of making the most of the sunlight and sleeping when it’s dark just isn’t possible in this culture. Safe to say, our bodies feel a little out of sync.

Even so, we loved our time in Punta del Este. The marina was a nice facility, the town was comfortable and clean, the bars were busy and the food was (mostly) good. We’ve been quickly corrected a couple of times when we mistakenly mention Falklands… “You mean Malvinas?!” Sure… Malvinas… good thing I watched a few videos on the conflict, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what “Malvinas” was!

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