Logbook: January 13, 2017

Montevideo, Uruguay

Artigas, credited as father of Uruguay

We usually run overnight so that we can arrive at our destination in the morning and enjoy the full day. This morning, we dropped anchor a little on the early side so we all went back to sleep after trying to radio the Navy to let them know we had arrived. About an hour later, Chase woke up to boots stomping around the boat. The Navy had boarded us because, as they tell it, we hadn’t called in, and since we went to sleep, we hadn’t answered their recent radio calls. They also claimed that we had not alerted them to our movements out of Punta del Este. In truth, we had called repeatedly and they had not returned our calls. Frustrating, but such is life.

An hour after that, the Navy radioed to tell us to move because they were unnecessarily worried we would drag our anchor and run aground in the Force 7 (40mph) winds approaching. Appreciative of the concern and brushing off the slight insult to our intelligence, we moved as directed to await the storm. Before too long, it was on us, and the wind-driven chop was picking up, making it quite uncomfortable for us to do anything other than watch TV or sleep. So that’s exactly what we did.