Logbook: January 6, 2017

Itajai, Brazil

Once again, we are on the move. Having finished our alotted time in Brazil we have cleared out in order to continue down the coast to Uruguay. When we near the end of our time in a country, we usually start getting antsy to leave and get to the next spot, but Brazil has so much to offer that we feel we couldn’t fully experience it like we have most other countries. Before we left, though, we had one more experience to cross off the list.

Taxi to Nowhere

Before we left Brazil, we wanted to go to a Brazilian Churrascaria just one last time. Alex found a place on Google, but the people at the Marina Itajai told Chase about a different one and gave him the address, but no name. Even so, we thought we would take the advice of the locals. Everything was fine until we realized the driver was getting on the highway to take us out of town… apparently this restaurant was not in Itajia, but in the next town… and it was rush hour. Even worse, we couldn’t double check the route on Google because we didn’t have the name of the place and the address given was illegible to us. Packed into the tiny taxi, it was an uncomfortable hour to the next town. As we got there, it became clear the taxi driver was trying to tell us something, and it wasn’t that we were at our destination. After putting the taxi driver on the phone with the girl from the marina we were informed that the restaurant was closed, so she told the driver to take us to a different restaurant… back in Itajai. Two hours after we began, back where we started, we found ourselves bouncing from one Churrascaria to another… all of them seemingly closed… After four failed attempts, we finally decided to check out the place that Alex had found on Google. Now, two and a half hours after we departed from the marina to go to a Churrascaria we ended up at a Churrascaria 200 meters from the marina, Reliance clearly visible from the restuarant. At this point, we didn’t care about anything outside of our rumbling stomachs.

The Woods, The Band, and The Skate Park

After dinner, the girl from the marina kindly asked us to go out for drinks with her friends and, even more kindly, she offered to pick us up. When we first pulled into the marina, we could see a miniature statue of liberty peaking out from within the city. Naturally, we had to investigate. On our way to the bar, we stopped to take some photos and learned it was simply a marketing ploy from the nearby hotel. Slightly disappointing. The next time the car stopped, we had parked in a dark alley, walls topped with barbed wire on both sides. Sensing our discomfort, she laughed and told us not to worry, the bar was just down the street in the trees on the far side. I didn’t see a sign, just a bouncer that gave us a thorough patdown. Twenty meters down the walkway, it opened up. An open air venue, it had three different bars, a dance floor in the corner, a good live band behind that, and in the back: two mini-half pipes. I definitely had not seen that before. What began as a taxi ride from hell ended up as a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a half pipe bar. We were quite dusty in the morning, but three days at sea is just what the doctor ordered for recovery. Unless, of course, it’s rough.

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