Logbook: September 14, 2016

Southern Indian Ocean

Yesterday, all 24 hours of yesterday, was spent running to East London from Durban, hoping to make it into port before our tight weather window closed. We had planned to leave a day later, but as we got closer to departure date and the forecasts became more accurate, it became apparent we would have to leave a day early to avoid one of those feared “busters” that come in from the South. As we set out early in the morning the swells were pretty manageable, reaching about 2m coming from our aft quarter, but it got rougher as the day went on. The swells peaked just before my 9pm–12am watch when one wave picked up our stern, rolled us to starboard, then violently back to port so hard that Mitch and myself nearly were thrown out of our beds! If I had been sleeping I’m pretty sure I would have ended up on the floor, but I was able to brace myself on my nightstand. Bodies weren’t the only things rolling around: kitchen utensils, camping equipment, couch cushions, chairs, picture frames, anything we had neglected to tie down ended up strewn across the salon. Thankfully, almost as soon as I climbed out of bed for my watch, the seas calmed back down to the 2m swells we had seen before, and I could gleefully catch up on the podcasts I was so looking forward to.

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