Logbook: September 23, 2016

East London, South Africa

Yesterday we attempted to go horseback riding. As it turned out, the guys got all suited up in their safari/horseback riding gear for nothing: they were booked all day. Before we could head home, we had to stop and replace the spare tire we used after we popped our right rear tire on those damn dirt roads. Honestly, I’m shocked we hadn’t popped a tire sooner. Fresh tire fixed in place, spare placed back under the vehicle, we were off for lunch. Sick of backpacker and camping food, we were looking for something “home-y”, something safe, something we absolutely knew we were going to enjoy. Our oasis of Americanism. The Golden Arches were calling. We often eat local, especially when there is a special type of local cuisine, but I promise you there is nothing as satisfying as a Big Mac when you’re traveling outside of the United States. With smiles stretched across our faces the whole way, we made it back to Reliance and immediately went our separate ways to “sort our lives out”, which is really just another way of saying “GET AWAY FROM ME”. You’ve only really gone camping when you can identify each person’s individual B.O. with a single whiff.

Timing is everything, and while I had a nice quiet night, two of my sisters were able to FaceTime with me for a couple hours. I was probably keeping them from their studies, but they’re related to me so I know they will take any excuse they can to procrastinate. I don’t get a chance to talk to them as much as I should. I’m often too busy during the day and too tired when I’m going to bed to attempt a call, and they’re often in class or busy with other activities when I do get a chance, so I milked this opportunity for all that it was worth.