Logbook: September 26, 2016

Mossel Bay, South Africa

Yesterday we pulled into the fishing harbor at Mossel Bay only to find that they weren’t ready for us yet. We made a mission to get into the harbor before the weather turned and started howling out of the West, but we didn’t arrive at the crack of dawn, just 8am. Regardless, we were told to standby for an hour before they could figure out where to put us, nevermind the open wharf that we would have even temporarily tied to. So we drifted around in the harbor until they finally decided not to put us on the open wharf, but to raft off another fishing boat. After we go through the shenanigans of doing that and are stepping off the boat for a much needed meal, we’re told the fishing boat is going to move to a different location so we can tie onto the dock. This tidbit of information would have been nice to know a little earlier… like maybe when we weren’t hangry. This time I got to drive the boat off and back onto the dock, with Chase in my ear of course. By now the wind had already picked up, but thankfully it was blowing us onto the dock, making my job a bit easier if I executed correctly. We’ve made it to the part of South Africa widely known for its seafood, so we found an oyster bar that served only oysters and sushi to gorge ourselves on. Now we could eat.


As we were at sea, I was not able to aptly update on September 24, but seeing as it is a significant day in this voyage I cannot let it pass without mention. September 24, 2015 is the date that I landed in Fiji and the Atlas Project officially started, making September 24, 2016 our one year anniversary. It’s incredible to think that it’s already been a year, but it’s just as unbelievable to think about all the places we have been and memories we have made. It’s a testament to the whole crew that we’ve made it this far, but even more of a testament that we’ve made it this far and still genuinely enjoy each other. We’ve had our difficult times, but we’ve found our ways through it together. I believe I speak for all of us when I say that this has absolutely been the best year of my life. We’ve been able to see a lot of the world, but the main takeaway I’ve had so far is just how big it is, and just how small I am. It’s a miracle that we’re even here, and it’s a miracle how far the whole world has come just in the past generation. It’s a funny thing seeing somebody paddling nude in a dugout canoe while talking on their cell phone.

I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who has helped make this dream of mine a reality. I feel so lucky to have people like you giving me advice, keeping me connected, pushing me to be better, and keeping me humble. We’re halfway there… just 18 more countries to go :).