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Feb 28 · 5 min read

The ReliantNode P-Rep team is pleased to announce “Marvelous”, coming to ICON soon…

Marvelous is “Gift cards for ICON”.

How many times have you been given a gift card, only to find it a year later, expired and worthless. With Marvelous this will never happen again, and our optional “staked” gift cards can even start earning your recipient ICX returns from day 1.

Our “Marvelous” vision

Our vision is to make Marvelous the simplest way to reach non-crypto users, and it’s built exclusively on ICON.

Fun, simple and safe.

How does Marvelous work?


Create a gift card on by simply selecting a design, setting an amount of value and clicking create. This will create a gift card by depositing ICX (or an IRC2 token) into the Marvelous SCORE.


You will be provided a unique link and QR code for your recipient to claim the gift card. Depending on who the gift card is for, you have the option to print or email the gift card too.

If you want to create a gift card to engage a community, you can post it on Twitter, Instagram or share however you like.


The receiver of the card simply visits the link to withdraw their gift card to their ICX wallet.

Marvelous helps to guide new ICONists on how-to create a wallet and we’ll even give the receiver some ICX first so they can claim smoothly.

Taking ICON assets beyond the ICON network

Simply put, Marvelous takes an ICON asset (ICX or tokens) and converts it to a link.

This simple extension of ICON provides the ability to engage the entire population. You can share via Twitter, Instagram, email, print, or even put it on a billboard. 🤷‍♂ You’re only limited by your imagination!

How can Marvelous be used?

Have you ever wanted to talk to you friends, family or colleagues about what ICON is and how crypto will change everything, BUT their eyes just glaze over? 👀

Marvelous provides you with the perfect tool. A simple $30 gift card of ICX is a great conversation starter, and a mechanism to engage with around crypto. They don’t even need to claim it right away, and could do it when it’s worth a lot more. It never expires.

Friends and family

If you believe in ICON, Marvelous is simply a better gift card than any other gift card available today. Why give $50 to friends and family when you can give them the equivalent of staked ICX, returning daily rewards.

If your belief in ICON turns out to be true, then your $50 gift at today’s prices, could easily be worth over $2,000.

ICON dApps

Marvelous supports IRC2 tokens, enabling ICON dApps who have a utility token (ICONbet, Velic etc) to create gift cards and engage their existing community, and expand it to new members.

Marvelous is for influencers

Influencers are always looking for ways to engage with their community in an innovative way. Marvelous can design custom gift cards for key influencers.

Over time influencers will want to create their own tokens, which will be compatible with Marvelous. If only there was a platform for influencers to easily create and manage IRC2 tokens! 🤔😉

The gift that keeps on giving

After you’ve given a gift card, typically it remains unspent for a few months to a year.

By utilising ICON’s unique reward economics, Marvelous allows you to create a gift card that’s “staked” and generating daily returns for the receiver. Rewards are accumulated from the day the gift card is created, even if the receiver waits 6 months to claim the gift card.

Marvelous also offers an “instant” withdraw option, depending on your needs.

A word on security

Marvelous is built as a hybrid of on-chain and off-chain data.

All gift cards are stored on ICON, and Marvelous does not have the ability to obtain any value in gift cards.

Our SCORE is written so access is only available to the creator and receiver of the gift card.

If Marvelous’ off-chain data was leaked, the gift cards are still safe.

If the receiver loses their unique link, the creator can generate a new one for them at any time.

tl;dr — We have it covered… 😉

QR codes and Marvelous

The ReliantNode team is currently developing MyIconWallet — ICON’s first mobile wallet with dApp functionality. It’s launching in April and provides the ability to claim Marvelous gift cards from any iPhone or Android device.

You can literally walk-up to anyone with a smartphone, give them a Marvelous gift card, where they can scan a QR code with MyIconWallet, and they’ll be introduced to the ICON network within 90 seconds.

Truly living up to it’s vision… Marvelous!

Love what we’re doing?

ReliantNode is an ICON P-Rep team. If you like what we’re doing, you can vote for us to support our work. 👍

For Marvelous, we’re applying for the Velic grant to help speed up it’s development. You can increase our chances by liking, and retweeting our Twitter announcement below (this is one of the factors Velic looks for in applications).

More importantly, drop us a comment here or on Twitter. We’d love to hear what you think!

Follow us to stay up-to-date on all of our ICON projects.

ReliantNode 🇦🇺

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