7 tech solutions for better sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep? If you’re tired of counting sheep, try one of these tech solutions for sleep-inducing restfulness and more peaceful waking.

Sleep Genius
Developed following research to help astronauts fall asleep, Sleep Genius lulls you to sleep with its relaxation program to reduce stress and calm the mind and body with sounds that target the cardiac and respiratory systems and synchronize brain activity. As your body relaxes and your tension fades, you’re ready for improved sleep.

Sleep Cycle
Nestled under your pillow, Sleep Cycle will track your sleep patterns throughout the night, giving you data about how well you slept that can help you improve your sleep over time. A 30-minute alarm window wakes you in your lightest sleep phase so you don’t feel groggy by call time.

Sleepy Time
Enter your wake up time, and this bedtime calculator will tell you when you should try to fall asleep. Because the average person takes 14 minutes to fall asleep, Sleepy Time recommends planning ahead so that you’ll end up waking between sleep cycles rather than in the middle of one.

Sleep cycle image via sleepio.com

Sleepio uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy against insomnia, training you to address the mental factors preventing good sleep. Once a week, a personalized 20-minute session with “the Prof” helps you learn a range of cognitive and behavioral techniques to help you sleep. You are then in control of putting those techniques to work.

Yoga for Insomnia
If you’re feeling particularly awake or need a better way to wind down, try Yoga for Insomnia, which combines stress reduction techniques and the effects of exercise to “increase your mind’s ability to calm itself, helping to overcome insomnia.”

Sleepmaker Rain
Using real rain noises, Sleepmaker Rain fights against your brain’s alertness to sound by drowning out noise. The rain was recorded live from the pristine wilderness of World Heritage Listed Forests in Tasmania, Australia.

Wake up at the exact time of the sunrise wherever you are with the Sunriser alarm clock app, which wants to motivate you to start your day off right.

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