“I faithfully support Planned Parenthood” — Rev. Elizabeth Griswold

I know Planned Parenthood has been there for so many people in times of need, as I know they have been there for me personally through the years.

It has been a great privilege to be able to give back when I’ve been in a position to do so.

When I worked as a volunteer religious worker and took on voluntary poverty, the free condoms they offered (through part of a state program) were a lifeline. When I got my first IUD (for free after an abortion), I was so grateful. When I got another IUD (after the birth of my first child, when my regular provider didn’t keep IUDs in stock), I felt so supported.

Knowing what a miracle this healthcare can be, I’ve been proud to organize with Clergy for Choice, to do public speaking at Planned Parenthood gatherings, and to sit on a panel for a Planned Parenthood fundraising event.

I faithfully support Planned Parenthood one hundred percent.

Rev. Elizabeth Griswold, pastor at Parkside Community Church, UCC, shared this story. Click here to share your story.