Clever network of communities on Karma’s blockhouse will hold a token

The Karma project, which offers organizations tools to create their own social networks, called dates for the main round of token. It will begin on October 21 and will last only 10 days.

Earlier in the course of the preseason, which started on October 10, the project was able to attract $ 5 million in just a few days.

Since 2005, Karma has specialized in organizing the activities of online and offline communities, organizing events and creating conditions for business networking. In the community of Karma, according to the team, today there are more than 65 thousand people.

For several years the company has been working on the introduction of blocking technology into its operational activities. The team is confident that distributed registry technology will help increase the volume of services offered by the company. In the case of a successful token, Karma will go beyond the current framework of nine cities, which include Kiev and Los Angeles, and will become truly global.

The Karma team promises to offer a decentralized solution to communities that are looking for a convenient platform for communication and organizing their own internal processes. With the help of the Karma platform, any organization, from the interest club or sports section to the NGO, will be able to create and maintain its own social network, collect charitable contributions and keep records of donations, vote and establish business contacts among representatives of other organizations.

The economy of the platform will operate on the basis of the Karma International (KIT) token, which can be purchased during a token. Tokens will be used to conduct any operations within the organizations in which the user is a member. It’s not just about membership fees and salaries, but also, for example, about creating an intra-organization economy of joint consumption or access to voting.

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