Seems our member would prefer that we only send out updates once a month, so this is beginning today we will honor that. We will post at the beginning of each month. If there is a major announcement to be made, that will be made at the applicable time.

Exchange News

While there isn’t any new news to be added about the exchanges, I do want to take a second of your time and let you know that we have seen some nice volume on Graviex. I personally would like to see some more volume on Altmarkets.

Website update

We are working on…


We reached a milestone!

This week we reached 100 master nodes. We are continually growing in size and recognition and we couldn’t have gotten this far without you! We thank you for your continued support.

The week in review

This week was a busy week personally busy, however we were able to squeak in a few things for the project.

Indy forked the DUPMN script from Neo3587 and created a Reload profile for it. This means you will easily be able to run multiple Reload nodes on one vps, thus allowing you to save on costs of running the nodes.

You can find more information about the…


Be Brave Little Reloaders…. Be Brave

This week Reload was listed as a Brave Verified Creator!
All tips received from our fans will be put towards project development. If you aren’t using the awesome Brave browser you can download it here.



No significant updates to report, however trading on ETH and LTC continue while BTC has maintained relatively low volume.


Progress on the test game continues, The interface is being built to transfer RLD in and out of the test game. We have some basic ideas for the first full game to develop. We will be posting the details soon and would appreciate your feedback.


Progress also continues on the swap platform and it will soon be ready for the first round of testing. The back end of the code is built but we are still in need of suggestions…


Hello Reloaders! We wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your support this past year, we hope that you had a wonderful and safe holiday. Since the holidays are not just about looking forward but also about looking back we decided to do a little recap of 2019.

Reload end of year review

We launched in March of 2019, since then we were able to list with Escodex (which eventually closed) where we maintained a small volume. …


Exchange Report

For your trading pleasure, we offer the following pairs on both Altmarkets and Graviex exchanges.


The trading volume on Altmarkets seems to be stagnant but we have seen a small increase in the volume on Graviex.

As a reminder, in our discord the statistics for Altmarkets and Graviex can be pulled using the command $prices altm and $prices grav respectively.

Game Project Update

This week we have been testing different game design platforms to see if it makes more sense to start with a prepackaged game platform or to completely make one from scratch.

Alpha515 has been working on the…


Exchange Report

With the recent addition of being listed on Graviex and Altmarkets, we finally were able to begin trading again, however trading has been minimal. I encourage those placing sells at the bottom to retract their sales by .1 or .2 sats. when we keep our sells at the bottom it is difficult to gain traction.

Graviex Faucet

Indy has created a faucet on GravieX for Reload. The goal was to determine if a faucet will bring people into the project or if it will just further devalue the coin.

Swap Platform

We are currently working on a swap platform. A swap platform has multiple…


Reload continues to move forward in gaining awareness of the project and has been listed on Coinpaprika. As you can see, Coinpaprika offers well displayed information about Reload exchange movement.

Exchange News…

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Reload is now listed on both Altmarkets.io and Graviex exchanges. Both exchanges are set to trade RLD on BTC, ETH, & LTC markets! Being listed on these exchanges paves the way for CoinMarketCap listing, which we will be pursuing next.

Remember the price is what you make it, so be diligent in your trading and lets make Reload great! If you have any questions please contact us through our social media links (at the bottom).

Here is some important information about each exchange.

Since the closing of Escodex, we are primarily focused on exchanges, this weeks update is a review of where we are at and some new exchange news as well.

Exchange news


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