Presenting RELOAD

Reload — [RLD]

Currency for a digital ecosystem with micro-transactions. Focus on (mobile) game credits, game development, streaming and e-sports (competitive multiplayer).

Secured decentralized network through Proof of Stake and Masternodes. Balanced blockrewards (35% Proof of Stake / 65% Masternodes). 60 seconds transaction speed and low transaction fees.


Fast and near cost free transactions make Reload ideal for micro-transactions. Maximum total initial supply of 4,565,196,000 $RLD.

Balanced MN PoS:

Staking / MN reward split will be more balanced, 35% PoS 65% MN

Dev fund spendings:

The future dev fund will need a multi-signature approval before being spent, budget meant for development will actually go to development.

Masternode hosting and UX wallet:

Hosting a masternode will be made easier by turnkey masternode solutions as well as a one line script with a simple tutorial video of the steps. We are improving the usability of the wallet, making it easier for newcomers to navigate. Wallet tutorials and video help will be available.

Team transparency and communication:

The core team will actively be in contact with the community to answer any question that may arise. The reload community will have representatives on discord as well as telegram available around the clock.

FIAT Payment gateway:

The step from in game credits into cryptocurrency is a logical and small bridge to gap. In the future through in-game purchases (levels, skins, add-ons) players will be able to purchase $RLD with their credit card, next to trading $RLD on exchanges.


While it would be unproductive to run all major decisions through the community we would like to keep the dialogue open with our community in regards to the direction of Reload.

Plans and expectations for November 2018

  • Swap form release
  • official $RSP swap
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Explorer release
  • Wallet (Windows/Max/Linux) release
  • Web wallet release
  • Exchange listing
  • Website launch
  • Social media rebranding
  • Community loyalty programs
  • Portfolio/Marketcap applications
  • Lightpaper release
  • Expansion community team
  • Turnkey masternode solution partnerships

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Discord Reload Army:


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